Free Baby Items by Mail

Free Baby Items by Mail

Do you have a baby on the way?  You can get free baby items by mail!  The question is..what kind of baby items will you need?  The list can seem simple, but can easily turn into a laundry list with tons of choices and decision you need to make like should you get a swing or a carrier?  Underarm or ear thermometer?  You can get free baby items,  but first you should be clear on what you will need for your your babies arrival.

It is a few months before you are expected to have your baby.  There is so much to do!  What you should do is make a checklist of free baby items that you will need.  There are some must have suggestions for the expecting mom.  Here they are:


It is not only illegal, but it is unsafe to have a baby in the car without the proper car seat.


You can start with a basket with handles or bassinet which will give you time to pick out a crib.  A laundry basket can even make do for those early visits to grandma and grandpas house.


Search for free baby items by mail like clothes that have a snap in the front.  Things like onesies and any clothes that are necessary in the 3 month and up sizes.  Babies grow out of their clothes so quick, so only get what is necessary in the 3 month and up size.  You can get these free items for baby easily and in the comfort of your own home by mail!

Remember that these free baby items by mail are only things that you will need in the first few weeks of your baby’s arrival.


You need a good baby cap or hat to keep your baby’s head warm.  It does not matter what the weather is, a baby has a very sensitive head that is strongly affected by the environment and weather.  Look for this item in your search for free baby items.  Many sponsors giveaway tons of free baby items by mail like hats- and cute ones, too!


Diapers made of cloth have a dual purpose.  For diapers (disposable ones) or as burp cloths.


Free baby items by mail include gift bags with nail clippers, samples, hats, diapers, bottles and more!


This is one of the most important free items for baby that you will need.  Have packs of them because you will need them.  Did you know that babies need at least 8 or more changes a day!  A whopping 8 or more yes, that is right!


These are one of the free baby items by mail that you may receive in your package of free baby items.  These can be used after changes or for babies that have sensitive skin.


A baby bathtub is another one of the free baby stuff items that you can get.  Your free baby items package can also include the much needed wash cloths and baby towels.


Did you know that you can win free baby items like soft books for your baby?  The baby will love having books to look at as his or her eyes begin to see and track objects.


A basic kit is one of the free baby stuff items out there.  When you call the doctor to say your baby does not feel well, they will most likely ask if your baby has a fever.  So, be sure to put this on your list of free baby items by mail that you desire.


Oftentimes, sponsors will include this in their free baby items by mail gift baskets.  Who doesn’t need a good diaper cream?  Avoid diaper rash with free baby samples like diaper rash cream.


You can either get a stroller or a carrier sling.  Free baby items by mail may include items like slings or carriers for your baby.


Are you nursing?  You will need a pump so that daddy can feed the baby while you are taking a bath or working.

There are many ways to get free baby items, free baby stuff and free baby samples,  so take advantage of free baby items by mail offers today!